Poll Prediction of Lok Sabha Elections 2019

The Lok Sabha elections have ended up and all the parties are doing their calculations. Nobody knows what the people think. But we can get some understanding by the surveys conducted.

Almost all the television channels released their predictions and most of them are predicting NDA’s victory over opposition. We had conducted some surveys in our website indiaspeaking.com and we have came to the below conclusion:


UPA: 203-205 seats

NDA: 201-203 seats

Others: 133-135 seats


These predictions are based on the survey conducted by ourself.


Who will grab UP this time?

The 2019 general elections are here. The election has been declared. There is a phrase in India that, "Who got UP, got India". This is not just a phrase. Uttar Pradesh has 80 Lok Sabha seats. That is, around one third of the majority. When India is going to face one more general elections, whom do you think that UP will favour to?


Do you believe that Rahul Gandhi's popularity has increased these days?

Congress president Rahul Gandhi has made a visit to Dubai before 2 days and the Dubai international cricket stadium was completetly filled by the NRIs from India. Rahul addressed the people gathrered in the stadium and the security personnels were sending back the people because of the rush. Do you think that the popularity of Rahul Gandhi has increased in the recent past?