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Yogi has decided to ban wedding between January and March next year

Yogi Adityanadh government of UP has banned the wedding ceremony between January and March next year in Prayagraj during the time of Kumbh Mela. Hundreds of weddings which are already planned should be postponed or should change the venue with this decision. According to the government, the decision was taken in the interest of the public. What is India Speaking about the decision? What is your opinion on it?


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Do you believe that Rafale Deal is a scam?

The discussion of Rafale deal was started by the former Manmohan Singh Govt. The deal is between India and France to purchase the rafale jets. The controversy was started after the opposition parties' questioned about the changes in the agreement done by PM Modi after his visit to France. What do you think about the deal? Do you think that the deal is a scam?

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Do you think Demonetisation is a success in curbing black money?

The demonetisation process was taken place on November 8 2016. While announcing the demonetisation, PM Modi described it as a remedy for black money. What do you think about it? Was it a real success to prevent the black money?


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